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How To Make Clinical Subject Screening Easier On Clinical Sites

Imagine with me: A potential clinical subject comes into a site for his screening visit. The nurse performing the screening visit takes out her iPad, brings up the screening app, and follows the interactive prompts to move the potential subject through the various questions and tests. When the nurse selects or inputs the potential subject’s […]

How To Use SmartScripts For Trip Reports In Oracle Siebel CTMS

Starting in Siebel IP2013, a little known enhancement was introduced in Oracle’s clinical trial management system (CTMS): the ability to incorporate Siebel SmartScripts directly into trip reports. What are SmartScripts? According to Oracle’s official documentation, “Siebel SmartScript allows business analysts, call center managers, and Siebel developers to create scripts to define the application workflow for interactive customer communications. […]

How To Improve Clinical Site Compliance With Essential Documents

Imagine with me: A site coordinator logs into your secure portal and sees a visual snapshot – perhaps a pie chart – of her site’s current compliance with your required documents. While the pie is mostly green, she sees a small slice of yellow and a sliver of red. She clicks on the red sliver […]

Applying The Concept Of Customer Experience (CX) To Life Sciences

My colleagues in Perficient Digital, Perficient’s in-house digital agency, recently published a fantastic guide about customer experience (CX). While the guide focuses primarily on retail customers, a lot of the advice it contains can be quite helpful for life sciences, so I thought I’d take a stab at translating it for you. Now, in full […]

Practical Ways To Keep Investigators Happy, Productive, And Loyal

This Thursday, July 13 @ 9 a.m. central time, my colleague (and one of my favorite people on the planet!), Param Singh, is delivering a 30-minute webinar on a really hot topic: clinical investigator retention. Trust me – this topic is worth 30 minutes of your time! What’s especially neat about this particular webinar is […]

Alleviate Payment Pains For Clinical Sites And Investigators

Imagine with me: An investigator running a site in one of your studies logs in to see an overview of his payment history. Something seems off, so he begins to review each payment in detail, and comes across what he believes to be the source of the problem – the withholding for his first payment […]

CX Insights And Journey Maps Improve Clinical Site Relationships

In the previous posts in this series, I’ve explained why you should consider clinical sites as your “customers,” and what customer experience (CX) methodology is and how it’s used. In this post, I’ll explain how the methodology applies to clinical sites and how the insights it provides can help improve site relationships. With the notion […]

What Exactly Is CX Methodology (And Why Should I Care)?

In the previous posts in this series on improving relationships with clinical sites, I discussed why it’s beneficial to think of your clinical sites as your customers so that you can use customer experience (CX) methodology to improve those relationships. In this post, I’ll explain what CX methodology is and why it matters. At its […]