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A healthcare treasure map leading to a single data warehouse

I’ve waited 20 years for my Treasure Map. Yes, a map with hidden passages, remote islands and an “X” to mark the spot. As kids, some of us hunted in our yards looking for buried treasures. Kids today use smart phone apps for activities like “Geocaching” to explore public and urban spaces. What do we […]

5 Reasons Big Data Improves Personalization of Medicine

I enjoyed an article today in IT Business Edge about the ways that Big Data is improving outcomes. We hear that all the time, right? But what does it really mean? Why does more (and better) patient data lead to improved healthcare for all? When business intelligence is leveraged properly to deliver insights to healthcare […]

Sustaining Hospital Service Lines

“Sustaining a broad portfolio of service lines may no longer be a viable option for hospitals and health systems”. 1 According to HFMA’s recent financial planning newsletter, discussing the viability of a service line can be difficult for healthcare executives, board members and clinical leaders. The article encourages an analysis many metrics that need to […]

How to Charge $546 for Six Liters of Saltwater

There was a recent article in the NY Times with this title that captures the essence of the current costing discussion.  One-liter IV bags normally contain nine grams of salt, less than two teaspoons. Much of it comes from a major Morton Salt operation in Rittman, Ohio, which uses a subterranean salt deposit formed millions […]

CDS Tools: Should we pile them on?

A 2008 study on CDS (clinical decision support) tools found that while the benefits of CDS technologies are widely understood and accepted by providers, there is still a lack of proactivity in its adoption. An article summarizing the study stated: “For example, Chang said that while CPOE with CDS is now already widely accepted, it […]

EHRs + Clinical Decision Support = Better Healthcare

We all know that the healthcare delivery system in the United States is decentralized. Patient information is in multiple sources and often times not even accurate or complete. This fragmented system leads to large gaps in care, contributing to poor quality, patient safety issues and increased costs. A nationwide audit assessing 439 quality indicators found […]

Member-centric Care: Not without Business & Architectural RoadMap

If I had a dollar every time an Enterprise Architect said, “I have a Road Map,” and handed me the future state IT architecture (which is 5 years out) and proceeded to verbalize current to future IT while I madly wrote every word down in preparation for a Business Transformation Session to prioritize/re-prioritize initiatives, well […]

Member-centric Care: Open source to the rescue?

A must read from my colleague, Martin Sizemore, entitled, “Is it time for open source in healthcare?” Wow! This Business/Process with system enablement person, me, can understand this architecture stack. Yes, now more than ever we need open source. Prototyping Open Source for testing ICD-9 to ICD-10 with on the fly remediation before going to […]

ICD-10 Revenue Neutrality Will Drive Collaborative Testing

I was reading my collegue Mike Berard’s blog, on ICD-10 Revenue Neutrality: A Strategic Approach. We have discussed the importance of testing before production between Payer and Provider (e.g., Physicians and facilities). In his 2nd to last paragraph Mike proposes the following: “The reality is that Revenue Neutrality verification is still subject to the availability […]

ACO – A Brave New Enterprise: Are you ready?

Racing towards an ACO and Population Management this year is a huge challenge. A new enterprise platform is a must for an ACO to coordinate the changing of Provider and Payer processes and behavior not to mention the Shared Savings contracts which require new measurements and reporting: a shared dashboard. Check out Martin Sizemore’s take […]

Member-Centric Care: Have we over turned every rock?

In my previous posts about the Member-Centric Care team, I posed several questions and gave my opinions to support them. Here is a review of what was discussed, as well as new thoughts: Have we over turned every rock (e.g., process, operation, and IT enablement) to allow for member-centric care? It Depends – Sorry, I […]

Are Academic Medical Centers the next big Clinical Trial players?

One thing I have been wondering about recently is to what extent consulting firms are exploring the clinical trial sector of academic medical centers (AMCs). While conducting an assessment of just one (small) department within an AMC in a previous consulting engagement, I learned how weary everyone around me was of the academic bureaucracy and […]

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