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5 Simple Commands to Manage Your AWS EC2 Instances Using the CLI

I have a lab environment in Amazon Web Services (AWS) that consists of four small EC2 instances. When I’m not using the lab, I shut the instances down and then start them up when I need them. When I do this, they get new public IP addresses, and I need to know those addresses in […]

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Managing AEM Packages from the CLI

After the umpteenth time of having to check this excellent reference of the cURL commands for AEM to upload a package, I finally thought “this is silly”. So, I created a small script to make it easier to manage packages via the command line. The AEM Package Manager is just that, a small script to help you manage scripts […]

Azure Did You Know? Management using the Cross Platform Command Line Interface

The Microsoft Azure Xplat-CLI provides a cross-platform command line interface for managing, deploying, configuring and developing Microsoft Azure applications and services. While the browser based Management Portal works great, you can’t script and automate it. Using the Xplat-CLI you can do just that! Unlike PowerShell, that only supports Windows, the Xplat-CLI supports Windows, Mac OSX and […]