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Browser Extensions for Emailing

There has been an influx of advertised browser extensions that enhance your email. With names such as ”Boomerang”, “WhoReadMe”, “RightInbox”, and others; these extensions are offering handy features. You are enabled capabilities such as knowing when your email has been read, delaying when emails are sent, or setting reminders. Forbes Tech recently said a bit […]

Chrome Begins Blocking Flash Ads

In an effort to speed up browser load times, Chrome has decided to block Adobe Flash ads by default. This change went into effect on September 1, 2015. If you are currently running Flash display ads in your Google Adwords account, be sure to update those ads to HTML format as soon as possible to […]

Google to Stop Using Webkit as Browser Rendering Engine

Yesterday Google released a statement on their Chromium blog that they are creating a new rendering engine based on Webkit called Blink. I encourage everyone to go and read the big news. This is clearly big news for web developers, as another rendering engine on the market means more browser variance to keep in mind when […]

Cool Android Development Stuff Part 2: Remote Debugging

Wow. So. It’s been almost two months since I wrote my article on setting up Android Debug Bridge. I promised a follow up post on using ADB and the Chrome Developer Tools to debug HTML, CSS and Javascript on your Android device, AND I AM A MAN OF MY WORD. I might not be very […]

Google Chrome Most Popular? Sure. Best? We’ll see.

Apparently Google Chrome is now the world’s most popular web browser.  Ho-hum. Google also has the most popular search engine, but “most popular” doesn’t necessarily mean “best”.  Just ask 1990.  Some of you might remember that Milli Vanilli won a Grammy award that year.  Sheer populism is a mistake we often make in our modern […]

Google Announces Plans To Bake Android-Like Web Intents Into Chrome

Tech Crunch has an article about new plans for embedding new functionality into the browser.  Actually both Google and Mozilla are working on putting “web intents” into their browsers. Today, Google has announced that it’s planning to integrate Web Intents into Chrome. The news comes on the heels of Mozilla’s announcement last month that it […]