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That Time I Had My Emotions Sensed Live at Connected Health 2016

I have lots of fun times at the Connected Health Symposium, but this year was extra special. Part of the reason was because when the moderator of “Emotion Sensing – The Next Big Trend?” asked “Would anyone like to volunteer to have their emotions sensed and documented for all to see?” my hand shot up […]

Connected Health 16: The Glass Brain Blew My Mind

As mentioned by my colleague, Juliet Silver, last week we had the good fortune of collecting in Boston for the annual Connected Health Symposium. This event takes place each October, and I learn more in the two days of the symposium than I do all year round. Now that I am on home turf, I […]

Insights from the Connected Health Symposium in Boston

Last week I attended the 13th Annual Connected Health Symposium, in Boston, where the theme this year was ‘Digital Technology that Cares, Bringing the Human Element to Life’. As a strategist in Perficient’s Healthcare and Life Sciences practice, I am keenly interested in the latest innovations unveiled at this venue and their potential impacts on […]