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Multi Channel Chatbot Automates Interactions With Up To 3,000 Users A Month

Multi-channel Chatbot Automates Interactions with up to 3,000 Users a Month

Chatbot Case Study Results  Multi-channel chatbot accessible through Facebook and WhatsApp resolves 42 requests per hour Supports 14 complex dialogs Employs custom entities detection algorithm Spanish chat interface with option to expand into English, Portuguese, and more. Serves an average of 3,000 users a month Overall adoption of DevOps processes and mentality  Executive Summary Our client, […]

Does Your Company Need Voice Enabled Technology? – Part 2

Does Your Company Need Voice-Enabled Technology? – Part 2

In part 1 we went over the ins and outs of voice-enabled technology and its most frequent applications. In this second installment, we guide you through the process of asking the right questions to determine if voice-enabled technology is right for your business. Voice-enabled technologies have gotten a lot of attention thanks to virtual assistants […]

Does Your Company Need Voice Enabled Technology? – Part 1

Does Your Company Need Voice-Enabled Technology? – Part 1

?In the era of Siri and Alexa, is it important to keep up with trends by enabling voice-activated options for your users or should your efforts be directed elsewhere? With the mass popularity of Amazon’s, Google’s and Apple’s virtual assistants, the demand for systems that allow users to interact with an interface through voice commands […]

The Why, What And How Of Chatbots

The Why, What and How of Chatbots

By 2020, one in four customer service and support operations will have integrated chatbot or virtual customer assistant (VCA) technology and more than 40% of data and analytics projects will be customer-service centric, according to the latest research from Gartner. Engaging customers in a personalized, efficient and seamless manner is what allows most companies to […]