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Change Management discussion around whiteboard

Plan for Sustainable Change Management from the Start

I was watching the new Creed II movie, and in the film, an aged Rocky Balboa slowly climbs the same museum steps that he famously ran up and cheered at the top of in the iconic Rocky movie scene years ago. After he struggles to make the final steps, he celebrates that he’s still able […]

Digital Change 2007 to Now: Measurement and Testing

When you think about analytics and optimization, you see perhaps the largest changes between now and 2007. I’ll note what I saw in 2007 and surrounding years.  I’m sure there are plenty of exceptions but this seemed to be what we saw: Web analytics was used.  Most sites hooked up a web analytics tool With […]

Digital Change: 2007 and Now, What a Difference

Ten years seems like a long time in the digital world.  A lot has changed and the pace of change continues to increase. More tools exist to make it easier to create a sharp looking and engaging web site. Social and mobile channels have had huge growth beyond anything imagined.  We can better measure what’s […]

Applying the 7 phases of the waterfall model to Agile

When I started my study of software engineering at university, I thought the Waterfall model was such a beautiful model which would lead the team to deliver a system successfully. There are 7 typical phases identified in Waterfall model and they are followed one by another in sequence. 1. Requirements specification 2. Design 3. Construction […]