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Fundamental Microsoft Cloud Certifications - Receiving the Certification

Fundamentals: Recommendation and Getting Started Guide for Microsoft Cloud Certifications

Fundamental Microsoft Cloud Certification for Professionals working with Azure; M365; Power Platform; or Security, Compliance, and Identity are available and recommended for anyone selling, designing, implementing, delivering, or supporting Microsoft services in the M365, Azure, or Power Platform (I will call this Microsoft Cloud below) should consider studying for and obtaining the four ‘Fundamentals’ certifications […]

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People of Perficient: Meet Lorena Garza, Sr. Security and Compliance Analyst

To tell women that they can achieve anything is one thing. However, to actively demonstrate that growth can be accomplished through hard work and dedication is another thing entirely.   Women play an integral role in building the path towards gender equality and female empowerment, but it is also up  to each one of us to […]

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Journey to PMP Part 2: The Exam

Welcome to Part 2 of my blog about preparing for the PMP exam! In case you missed it, here is a link to Part 1, focused on preparation. Part 2 is focused on the days leading up to the exam and the exam itself.  Test Center or At Home? I chose to take the exam […]

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Journey to PMP Part 1: Preparation

I am thrilled to say that I finally earned my PMP certification and achieved above target in all areas! The exam is a beast, and unfortunately it took me over two years to understand the process, apply, and prepare. I am sharing my tips in hopes of making this experience easier and quicker for others […]

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Scrum Certifications (Part II)

If you missed the first part, read it here. By Level: Each institution offers at least 3 levels for SM and PO, and each has a different set of prerequisites for taking them. Scrum.Org offers a three-level path for SM and PO certifications, but they are not prerequisites. Some professionals recommend taking the three-level I certifications before going […]

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Scrum Certifications (Part I)

SCRUM Certifications, like cakes, are not all the same. They come in different flavors, shapes, and colors, and deciding which one suits you best, would depend on different aspects. So, to make your decision a bit easier, we’ll give you a taste of the most well-known options for certifying your SCRUM knowledge. In general, certifications […]

Perficient Adds 6 New Google Apps Deployment Specialists

  Cloud-based productivity solutions are becoming more and more prevalent in the enterprise. Perficient’s consultants are keeping pace by adding new skills and certifications in this area to better assist our clients. This month six Perficient technical architects achieved their Google Apps Deployment Services Specialist certification, empowering them to work with our clients as they transition critical business […]