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Guide: Digital Engagement Trends Marketers Must Consider in 2014

January came and went rather quickly, and as marketers, that means we have less than 11 months left to accomplish what we’ve set out to do in 2014. Are you on the right track? In an effort to forecast the 2014 business landscape, Mark Gehman, Director of Perficient’s Sitecore practice, prepared a guide that emphasizes […]

Ways to Expand on Sitecore’s Content Personalization Capabilities

Over the last few weeks, I have been working on a white paper that describes a number of ways that the out-of-the-box functionality of the Sitecore DMS system can be extended.  I’m very pleased that the paper, Ignite the Core: Expanding Upon Sitecore’s Integrated Content Personalization Capabilities, was released last week on the Perficient website. […]

Event Processing and Predictive Analytics

II had a conversation with a product manager for a product labeled Complex Event Processing (CEP) but when I looked at the actual product implementation I asked why the product was labeled CEP versus Event Stream Processing (ESP). The product uses continuous queries and does not support Event Condition Action (ECA) rules. They responded that […]

Sitecore And Designing The Words

I read a blog post written by Sam Wright titled “Designing The Words: Why Copy Is A Design Issue”. The article touches upon the importance of content and the need for content to be included in the overall design process. Much of the post talks about the importance of writing and copy. What really caught […]

Forrester Research Doc names Sitecore as Strong Performer in WCM!

Forrester Research, Inc. recently released a document where they evaluate 10 of the strongest performers in the Web Content Management space.  They name Sitecore as a strong performer in the space because of their suite approach to WCM / Digital Marketing capabilities that allow a Content Author or marketers one interface for both content management […]

Sitecore a Strong Performer in WCM according to Forrester

Forrester Research recently released the “The Forrester WaveTM: Web Content Management For Digital Customer Experierence, Q2 2013”, which is a report where they evaluated 10 of the “most significant” WCM providers.  Forrester evaluated the providers in their current offerings, strategy and market presence.  The paper is specifically geared towards developers; however it is not so […]

Non-Sitecore Posts about Sitecore Topics

One of the great things about working for Perficient is being surrounded by a great deal of very experienced, knowledgeable and motivated technologists – many of whom are working in a completely different technology than I am working.  Another reason is that a good deal of these co-workers are not only willing to be open […]