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Solving the Customer Data Puzzle: Why Your CRM is Not Enough

According to a recent survey conducted by Gartner, it was revealed that a significant misconception exists among sales and marketing leaders  regarding the function of Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems as Customer Data Platforms (CDPs). Surprisingly, 51% of marketers mistakenly believe that their CRM system also can serve as a CDP*, and only 58% of […]

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Unlocking the Power of Customer Data: 4 Key Trends

Customer data and customer data strategy present unique use cases to the business. Customer data can help organizations identify, track, optimize, and individualize the customer journey. In 2023, leveraging customer data via a robust strategy is table stakes. Armed with a robust customer data strategy and success metrics, organizations can respond more quickly to customer […]

Authenticity in the Age of AI: Why CDPs Should Be on Your Radar

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is being heralded as a game-changer – and rightly so. The combination of Big Data with improved processing power and machine-learning (algorithms that can learn from experience rather than explicit human programming) has the potential to affect every corner of our lives. From retail and healthcare to transportation and the internet-of-things, AI […]