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Researchers Are Scouring EHR And FAERS Data For Safety Signals

  Patients who are being treated for diseases, such as cancer, often require multiple drugs to manage their conditions. For example, patients are often prescribed drugs that treat the actual disease, while others are meant to manage side effects from those drugs. Many of these patients can probably attest to inquiring about or doing their […]

Oracle Data Integrator (ODI) – Logical or “soft” deletes

Logical deletes are a common practice when loading dimensions in a data warehouse. If a dimensional record is deleted in the source database, it may need to continue to exist in your data warehouse. In my recent project, this was one of the requirements set during the design phase. Since ODI was being used as […]

A Month Later: Google Flu Update

A month ago I blogged about Google Flu Trends measurements of flu-related search terms and how it related to official data from the Center for Disease Control and Prevention. As it turns out, flu cases came in quite a bit below what Google was predicting. “Flu Trends is meant to be a complementary tool to the […]