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Hip On HIPAA Pushing Back To Use Patient Data

Hip On HIPAA: Pushing Back to Use Patient Data

As we continue our series of posts on making HIPAA work for you, I am going to address a common problem we hear from health care marketers: “My board/boss/CMO/Legal Counsel says we cannot use patient data for marketing communications.” This is a tough one. Truly, your board of directors and your legal counsel are going […]

Take Your Apps and Processes from Good to Great!

How long does it take you to accomplish some of your daily, routine tasks? Are you spending too much time on manual processes? What changes would you make to your current applications or systems? Perficient has helped our clients take applications and systems from good to great by innovating the customer experience, creating a new […]

Video Training: Sitecore Marketing Campaign Tracking

Important note: This is Part 3 in a series. Please check out Part 1 on Taxonomy and Part 2 on Goals if you have not already. If you have been following along, you likely have Sitecore goals in place and values assigned to them, along with a maturing marketing taxonomy. Those goals should be delivering […]

Adobe Summit: Designing an integrated customer profile

Matthew Rawding, a Consulting Manager with Adobe. talked about how to use Adobe Campaign to create an integrated customer profile.  So what is an integrated customer profile? An integrated customer profile is a main pillar of Adobe Campaign.  Also included in Campaign are targeted segmentation, visual campaign orchestration, cross-channel execution, real time interaction management, and […]

Facebook Introduces New Campaign Structure

Facebook has been hailed and maligned at the same time for its advertisement features.  On one hand, Facebook ads promise to reach large, targeted audiences with your message.  On the other hand, Facebook ad reach is a black box that only Facebook controls.  In a previous post, Why Facebook is Failing Marketers, my colleague Michael […]

DisneyWorld School Break Advertising and Content Personalization

I peeked in my U.S. Mail mailbox this morning and found a nice ad from Walt Disney World in there with all my other mail. Normally that piece of mail would have been thrown out with all the other junk, but something caught my eye.  The item is a colorful, three-fold, heavier stock flyer with […]