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Spark: Persistence Storage Levels

Spark Persistence is an optimization technique, which saves the results of RDD evaluation. Spark provides a convenient method for working with datasets by storing them in memory throughout various operations. When you persist a dataset, Spark stores the data on disk or in memory, or a combination of the two, so that it can be […]

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Auto Cache in Sitecore: What is it and How to Implement it

When building Sitecore implementations one thing you must always think of is: What is the cache strategy and how it will be implemented? For example will html cache be set in standard values of templates? What is the size of database cache? What about prefetch cache? Here at Perficient we always take these questions into […]

3 Things to Remember with Sitecore Multi-Site Configuration

Multi-sites in Sitecore are a useful way to host multiple sites on the same Sitecore instance. However, there are more steps than just adding your site into the <sites> section in the web.config. Below are 3 things that you should always remember to set in your configuration in a multi-site (or using a site name […]

IBM Digital Experience 2015: Caching Techniques

The IBM Digital Experience Conference is full of beneficial technical information.  The IBM WebSphere Portal Performance Team Lead, Hunter Presnall presented on Caching Techniques.  These are some of the high points from the presentation. With every version of WebSphere Portal performance is always an important item.  Caching is a very important part for helping any […]

How Microsoft is embracing open source

When I recently researched different caching options in Microsoft Azure, I ran across the following article on MSDN: Which Azure Cache offering is right for me? This article almost shocked me because it was unapologetically advising all new developments to use Redis cache over other Microsoft-developed Azure caching services. Just think about that for a moment: Microsoft […]

Datapower XI 52 and XC 10 Integration:Encode/decode the cache key

From our previous blog post we have seen how easy it is to setup a seamless integration between the XI 52 and XC 10. In this blog post, we dive into a little more detail of the seamless integration by understanding how datapower encodes and decodes the cache key. Datapower XI 52 uses the URL […]

DataPower XC 10 seamless integration with DataPower XI 52

The need for cache is inevitable in the world of enterprise-level applications. There are boundless use cases with different combinations ranging from the data type specific cache to application specific cache. We have seen a wide variety of caching technology realizations from emerging technologies like Redis (in reality, it is more than a cache) to […]

Improve performance through Dynamic Cache – Overview

When you go to a restaurant and you come to know that you have to wait for a while to get your table, will you wait or will you go to another restaurant where you are aware that there is no wait time and have the same quality of food. You would prefer the second […]