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The Intranet in the Age of BYOD

Think back to your childhood, we all had that parent, teacher, aunt, or uncle who’s answer was always NO! Until recently this was the answer of most IT organizations when it came to bringing your own device to the table. Can I get my email on my phone? No! Can I access the intranet from […]

BYOD and the Cloud: A Perfect Match

Ever since the proliferation of mobile devices into mainstream consumers, organizations have been noticing an uptick in how consumers use technology for work. As work becomes more flexible and employees choose to work from home and the road, this has led to the rise of Bring Your Own Device, or BYOD. Research firm IDC has […]

IBM makes life easier for enterprise Mac users

The decades-old conflict between PCs and Apple’s Macs softened a little more this week when IBM unveiled new services that further simplify integration of Macs into cloud-based enterprise environments. IBM and Apple have had a working relationship for years, but thanks to an expansion of IBM’s MobileFirst Managed Mobility Services portfolio, designed specifically to support […]

Fast Track your Office 365 Deployments with Centrify

This guest post comes courtesy of our partner, Centrify. Whether you are an SMB with hundreds of users or a large enterprise with tens of thousands of users, when it comes to making Office 365 deployments to be effective, it must be scalable to on-board existing & add new O365 users quickly and thereafter enable […]

Six Key Things for Delivering Secure Data in Financial Services

While attending a recent Wall Street Technology Association (WSTA) seminar in New York, I participated in a discussion with other members (financial institutions) and service providers around the topic of data security. I think it’s safe to assume that everyone acknowledged the cost of handling a data breach far outweighs the cost of proactively securing data […]

XP end of life, migrate in a few simple steps

Now that Windows XP end of life is here, if you are one of those companies still hanging on, there’s likely a bit of panic on what exactly to do. Well there is good news, bad news, and then some more good news. If you are in an industry that has heavy governing compliance, like […]

System Center Configuration Manager 2012 Webinar Replay

On Wednesday, we hosted a webinar on what’s new in System Center Configuration Manager 2012, from 2007 up to and through the new R2 release. During the webinar, Bryon Burkhardt, a lead Microsoft infrastructure consultant here at Perficient, covered an impressive amount of content during the one hour call. Bryon shared how System Center 2012 R2 Configuration […]

BYOD and Cloud Adoption Like Early PCs

If you are old enough to remember PCs coming into your business and the reaction most IT shops had to them, then Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) and Cloud Computing services should seem like déjà vu. IT worried about PC security, backups and the lack of standards and all the while business people kept buying […]

CIO’s – BYOD nightmares solved with Windows Intune

Walking around new and existing client offices and buildings, I take note of what sort and type of devices staff are using these days.  It really is such a plethora of mobile types, laptops, tablets and of course desktops.  Then I think about the huge growth in the remote-office worker and know there is even […]

Solve BYOD Nightmares with Intune: Webinar Recap & Replay

On Wednesday we hosted a webinar that covered how and why Windows Intune can be a great solution to address growing concerns driven by the current trend towards Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) to work.  Steve Andrews, a senior solutions architect in Perficient’s Microsoft infrastructure practice talked about the challenges many companies face today, often […]

Upcoming Webinar: Solve BYOD Nightmares with Windows Intune

If you are looking for assistance on your organization’s Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) initiative, join us on Wednesday, August 14, at 1 PM CT for the webinar, Solve BYOD Nightmares with Windows Intune. Windows Intune supports your BYOD initiatives by giving employees the apps they need, optimizing software distribution while helping to keep their […]

Microsoft Surface Impresses Doctors, Improves Patient Care

Over on the Perficient Healthcare IT blog, my colleague Jamie Churchill had a great post this morning around the tablet battle in healthcare. From her blog post, which you can read here, Jamie shares: I came across an article this morning about the growing trend of doctors using tablets in healthcare – specifically the Microsoft […]

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