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5 Questions to Ask for Discovering Buyer Personas

Buyer personas are a crucial component of the buyer’s journey. After all, the lack of proper targeting means that those whom you actually want to see your services and products will likely be seeing those of your competitors. Developing a buyer persona takes work and requires buy-in from your engineering to your sales team. In […]

4 Ways to Convert the Modern Customer

Conversion is the ultimate goal for any enterprise organization. After all, it’s what drives revenue and continuity in any industry. Depending on the industry however, conversion time can be anywhere from minutes to months. Converting any customer is hard work in the era of digital transformation, especially with the amount of noise and options available. […]

IBM Named Leader by Forrester for Web Content Management

As a marketing manager, I understand the full importance of content in the buyer’s journey. Depending on where awareness occurs, a customer could either be getting to know the solution I’m promoting, interested in adoption, or curious about the sale. Either way, it’s up to me to provide the information in a compelling, useful, and […]