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Business Process Management Evolution, Part 1: BPM as a Tool

Over the last 30 years, what is now called Business Process Management (BPM) has evolved from simple workflow systems to a host of products and methodologies. As with any popular business concept, BPM has come to mean many different things to many different people.  At its crux, BPM is a discipline to apply systematic process […]

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A Look at the Top 3 BPM Products

I have been working with IBM BPM for the past 10 years and recently started looking at Pega and Appian. In this blog, I’ll share my impression, and comparison, of IBM BPM, Pega 7, and the Appian platform. My Impression of IBM BPM I have been working with IBM BPM for past 10 years – […]

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How To Avoid Shipping Delays To Sites

Imagine with me: On your website, the site coordinator finds the option to create a user account. After successfully creating an account, she logs in and sees a site-specific view of the information you have in your clinical trial management system (CTMS) about her site. One of the things she notices is that the address […]

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How To Organically Build Your Investigator Database

Imagine with me: While a physician is browsing your website for information on your products, he comes across an invitation to apply to become a principal investigator in one or more of your clinical trials. He clicks the link, fills out a detailed profile, and submits. The system automatically notifies you that a new profile […]

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HSBC’s 4-Part Plan To Cut Costs

HSBC recently announced that it’s going to cut 840 jobs in the UK and send them to offshore facilities. But, that shouldn’t come as a surprise. It’s all part of their grand plan to become a more efficient, cost-conscious financial services provider that can compete against competitors on a more even playing field. If you […]

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Top 5 Life Sciences Blog Posts From May 2016

Now that June is here, I thought it would be neat to look back at what our readers found most interesting last month. Below are the top five blog posts Perficient’s life sciences practice wrote in May – they’re ranked in order of popularity, with number one being the most viewed piece. Gartner’s List Of 5 Cool Vendors […]

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Appian’s Journey From Gartner’s Magic Quadrant To Life Sciences

The other day, I was on a business development call in which the Appian platform was discussed. Appian happens to be a “Leader” in Gartner’s 2015 Magic Quadrant for Intelligent Business Process Management Suites. Not too shabby. The presenter talked about Perficient’s successes with Appian in financial services and healthcare, but when I heard him […]

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How To Automate Clinical, Safety, And Business Processes

The deployment of business process management (BPM) strategies in a digital world revolves heavily around leveraging software platforms to automate pieces of or even complete processes. Whether you’re in clinical operations, safety and pharmacovigilance, or a back-office department, BPM technology solutions can be used to address virtually any business challenge that involves a process. Join […]

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Improving Clinical Operations with Enterprise Mobility

Last month, I read an article on the announcement from Apple’s CEO Tim Cook that stated Eli Lilly bought 15,000 iPads. The article, focusing on Apple’s mobility partner program, framed this as big news about Apple. I assume this will also significantly contribute to the Apple and IBM partnership as they build big data and analytics enterprise […]

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From Laptops To Tablets: Eli Lilly Bought 15,000 iPads

  Mwandama Mutanuka, a colleague of mine who’s involved in business process management (BPM) projects at Perficient, recently authored a blog post about how enterprise mobility can improve clinical research. He started his piece with news that highlighted Eli Lilly’s purchase of 15,000 iPads for employees, starting a few years back. Now, they’re upgrading to […]

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The 5 Most Significant Compliance Issues in Financial Services

ThinkAdvisor recently published a list of the top 5 compliance headaches faced by advisors and BDs. Mandatory Succession Planning Rules for RIAs, which could require advisors to “plan for market stress and other events that may prevent an advisor from serving its clients.” These new rules are expected by the end of 2015. Form ADV – […]

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Mortgaging Customer Goodwill

Almost every week we see another story in the national press about how “unfeeling banks” are  foreclosing  on a homeowner over an 80 cent payment error, or foreclosing on a house the bank doesn’t even own. After several social media blogs, several thousand tweets and retweets (with fiery commentary) and various news networks report the […]

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Calling a Truce Between BPM and Six Sigma

I’ve heard a lot of operations folk talk shop over the years.  My GE friends in B-School were the ultimate Six Sigma champions.  I learned about kaizen and the art of lean while working in Japan.  Then we have the tech champions of BPM technologies. These methods are often backed with an almost religious fervor.  […]

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Preparing a Bank for the Monumental Changes Ahead

The banking industry is in the state of flux.  We have distruptive technologies in terms of mobile banking and payments that are creating siesmic shifts in the way business is done.  We need to harness big data that is growing at exponential rates.  It’s hard to keep up.  As any CIO knows, any organizational change, […]

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Managing Process is Key to Dodd–Frank Wall Street Reform

This week I was discussing regulatory compliance issues with our Business Process Management (BPM) guru, Kevin Feldhus.  We’ve led some really large and complex regulatory initiatives with banks, but never have we witnessed anything so encompassing as Dodd Frank.  The scope of most bank regulatory projects typically focuses strictly on compliance.  Any thoughts relating to […]

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Key Elements of a Solid BI and Data Management Framework

I was struck by a blog post written by Forrester’s Rob Karel (@rbkarel), titled “How Complete are your BI and Data Management Strategies?” This is the type of answer that our business intelligence consultants ask our clients every day, and we often come up with a framework as complete and strategic as the ideal one […]

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