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AI adoption allows employees and AI to co-exist

Meet Perficient’s Chief Strategists: Eric Roch

Thrilling our clients with innovation and impact – it’s not just rhetoric. This belief is instrumental for our clients’ success. Earlier this year, we announced the first class of Chief Strategists, who provide vision and leadership to help our clients remain competitive. Get to know each of our strategists as they share their unique insights […]

API Management Enables Agility and Reduces Time to Market for Cricket

Cricket Communications, the operating subsidiary of AT&T, is a rapidly expanding, nationwide low-cost provider of mobile wireless services. As the sixth largest wireless telecommunications network in the United States, Cricket provides wireless services to more than 5.4 million customers in all 50 states. Cricket’s rapid growth into new markets left it with aging systems that […]

The eGate Migraine – A Road Map to eGate Migration

Oracle’s decision to sunset the eGate HL7 integration engine has been a little bit of a headache for healthcare organizations. In reality, it has been an ongoing migraine for those who have not replaced it. eGate customer support is virtually unheard of, and if you are lucky enough to find skilled developers with specific Java […]