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Business Continuity

Why Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Programs Are Essential

Your systems are up and running. Your organization is operating as usual, and all is as it should be. Then, suddenly, it’s not. A flood, an earthquake, a pandemic, or a fire threatens your ability to keep your organization operating. Systems are offline, critical business processes have stalled. You’re frantically trying to determine what damage […]

Building Your Own Personal Business Continuity Plan

Just like any small business, the operation of your own household depends on reliable processes and access to technology.  What would happen if your household suddenly lost access to critical services like bill pay, banking or investment websites, or maybe you lost your phone or laptop, or perhaps even lost you?  Just like that small business, […]

Don’t Wait For Another Hurricane Sandy

  When Hurricane Sandy struck the U.S. in 2012, it was devastating, to say the least. It damaged homes, businesses, and schools. No one in its path was left untouched. Even data centers were flooded and left without power, taking critical systems offline. Experiences like Sandy make you wish you had a plan in place […]