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Angular and Spring Boot as a Single Application

Angular and Spring Boot as a single application Prerequisites: Experience in Spring Boot, Gradle and Angular. Concept: This blog will let you understand how to build Angular and Java Code as a single WAR/JAR using Gradle. What is Spring Boot? Spring Boot is a Standalone application that reduces several tedious development steps and boilerplate code […]

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Nexus Implementation using Ant Build scripts

Nexus implementation using Ant Build scripts In general, we keep the required compile-time jars in the local file system to use at the time of build. To avoid local file system dependencies and inconsistencies, we can use central repositories. By integrating with repositories like Maven and Nexus, we can save the memory, and it is […]

Build Tools Do Not Make Good Release Management Solutions

The following diagram is a generic representation of release management for a development organization.  There are typically different development teams who develop individual and standalone pieces that go into a release.  In the diagram, they are referred to as the component.  Each component has its own development lifecycle, source code repository, and (probably its own) […]