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How to Create a Salesforce Community Brand Kit 

The Key to Brand Success Your brand is the defined version of your customer experience. Physically, it’s how your customers identify you. Emotionally, it’s how they connect with you. But good brands don’t just happen, they are created. It is imperative for businesses to be aware of the brand experience they desire customers to have and […]

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Essential in the Airline Industry: Vision and Commitment

While the term “business transformation” has been floated around for decades, digital and the deployment of modern technology remain the cornerstone of today’s investment decisions. Customer expectations have changed greatly in recent years. Strong brands like Facebook, Amazon, Apple, Netflix, and Google, which investors often refer to as FAANG, have changed consumer behavior. Not only […]

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Cost-Cutting and Technology Investments in the Airline Industry

Cutting unnecessary costs and investing in technology (e.g., digital, planes) to support the business is a complex task, but certainly a requirement for long-term growth. Fuel costs – the number-one non-labor expense for airlines – can only be hedged to the degree the petroleum market allows and that is by and large outside the control […]

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Customer Satisfaction in the Airline Industry

Customer satisfaction is always top of mind for airlines. Unhappy or disengaged customers naturally mean fewer passengers and less revenue. It’s important that customers have an excellent experience every time they travel. On-time flights, good in-flight entertainment, more (and better) snacks, and more legroom might be the obvious contributors to a good experience and more […]

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Operational Performance and Reliability in the Airline Industry

Operational performance (or operational reliability) is about running an airline like a well-oiled machine. Pun intended. It’s about on-time performance and completion rates. It’s about reducing involuntary denied boardings and the rate of mishandled bags. It’s ensuring that continuous improvements and efficiencies are always in motion. A smoothly run airline enhances customer perception, satisfaction, and […]

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Key Strategic Initiatives in the Airline Industry

If you listen closely to industry executives, you’ll note that many of them typically hone in on several key strategic initiatives. Naturally, there’s a crossover between them, and each one can affect the other. Operational performance or operational reliability is one. Customer satisfaction, customer loyalty, or brand strength is another. Last but not least are […]

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[Guide] 2018 State of the Airline Industry

The airline industry is scrutinized by passengers and analysts alike, mostly for two reasons. One, many people take one or more flights a year and have personal experiences that leave lasting impressions. Two, the industry’s economic impact is unprecedented. According to the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), “Aviation accounts for more than 5% of our [United […]

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Salesforce Community Branding and UX Design Tips

Beyond a customer’s perception of your company’s products and services, your brand identity and experience go hand-in-hand with every interaction they have – across marketing, sales, and service – with every touchpoint serving as an opportunity to further engage your customers. Your new Salesforce Lightning Community should not be an exception to this rule. A […]

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What Connected Health For Life Sciences Means For You

It seems every company in every industry is talking about “going digital.” But, what does that really mean? At its heart, going digital is really just about relationships: relationships with customers, partners, team members, and the world at large. Since the introduction of mobile and digital technology, the ways in which we interact with others […]

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Sorry, Kids: Your Logo Isn’t Your Brand

So many clients ask for a logo, and then think, “Great, I’m done! Here is my brand.” Not to be the bearer of bad news, but actually, no. Your logo isn’t your brand. Of course, it’s one aspect of it, but it’s really not the most important part. The Designer Perspective One of my biggest challenges as […]

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What Kim Kardashian Taught Me About Pharma

  In case you missed the headlines in the last few days, the FDA issued a Warning Letter to Duchesnay over Kim Kardashian’s Instagram post promoting Diclegis, the pharmaceutical company’s drug for “the treatment of nausea and vomiting of pregnancy in women who do not respond to conservative management,” commonly known as morning sickness. 

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Naming Drugs And Medical Devices Is An Art

  Naming drugs and medical devices is an art form that requires creativity, knowledge of linguistics, and an understanding of how to navigate the regulatory landscape. It’s easy to think of names, but coming up with ones that are meaningful and memorable, yet different enough than anything currently on the market, is another story. The International […]

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Build a Brand Around Your Salesforce Community

Things to Keep in Mind When Designing Your Community WHAT IS BRANDING? Branding is much more than a clever logo, attractive colors and rounded corners.  It’s about building value in your company, building trust through quality and consistency, and ultimately retaining and gaining customers and partners. So what is branding you ask? Well, it’s everything. […]

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3 Ways Makes Communities Better

As an implementation partner, we really enjoy working with the Communities platform. The built in collaboration with Chatter and the flexibility of configuration make Communities a major upgrade over traditional portals. But today I’m going to highlight another key benefit of that platform: branding and design with Salesforce is free to use with […]

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Microsoft beats out Apple to earn top spot in branding survey

In recent years, when it comes to top brands in the United States, Apple has been an obvious winner. But times are changing, and according to an annual survey conducted by Forrester Research, Apple is losing the appeal to US consumers that it once had. In a survey of 4,500 Americans, Microsoft came out on […]

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