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The Benefits of Brand Purpose (and Risks of Not Living Up to It)

A company’s brand purpose serves as its guiding light. It shouldn’t be a complicated statement filled with buzzy words. Instead, it should be a clear and simple indication as to why your brand exists (besides to make money, of course). It’s not enough to simply publish your brand purpose. You must use it to boldly […]

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The Secret to Compelling Consumers to Act

Businesses thrive on capturing the moment where consumers feel compelled enough to convert or purchase something from their organization. Some of the most efficient organizations have perfected this, and your company can capture this moment too. But how do you align the sequence of events so perfectly that a customer is compelled to act? The […]

Make Data Your Brand’s Biggest Asset

We’ve all heard the saying “More is always better”. But when it comes to data, having more isn’t enough. Most brands are able to acquire plenty of data but are often left frustrated and unsure about how to use it. Having actionable information is the key to turning data into a brand’s most valuable asset. […]

Would a Podcast Be Good for Your Brand? It’s Highly Likely

If you’re looking to explore new avenues to expand your reach—and the depth of affinity—podcasting may be the perfect channel for you. Did you know: 48 million people listen to podcasts weekly and 16 million are “avid podcast fans” They’re more likely to follow companies and brands They are more likely to subscribe to Netflix […]

Do Brands on Facebook Deserve a “Pass” When They Fumble Conversations With Consumers?

So the office is a-twitter right now (apologies for the obvious social media pun) over this afternoon’s Facebook post by Nine West. I’m wearing their shoes right now…I invite them into my news feed and my inbox…but today’s post strayed a little outside the foul pole. In an attempt to mirror the voice of a […]

Content Strategy: Tips for Creating More Meaningful Online Experiences

Even if consumers don’t complain about a brand’s content failings on social sites, blogs, and forums, they can silently register disapproval by ignoring anything more the brand has to say.  And being irrelevant is a brand’s worst curse. Which is why we must think more critically today than ever before about the value of content […]

Enlighten Projects Receive Additional Awards

Enlighten was acquired by Perficient Digital in December 2015. The results are in from the 2010 MediaPost OMMA Awards and the International Academy of the Visual Arts W3 Awards, and three websites designed and developed by Enlighten (now Perficient Digital) are among the winners. This year, the recently released Hunter Douglas iMagine™ Design Center Upload […]