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Video Blog: Migration Strategies to Office 365: Part 2

During part two of this 2-part blog series, Microsoft MVP and PointBridge Professional Services Manager Dave Greve talks about the importance of communications and training within an organization migrating to Office 365. He suggests tips to minimize help desk tickets, maximize adoption early on, provide better ground support during go-live and getting users ready and […]

Video Blog: Migration Strategies to Office 365: Part 1

During part one this 2-part blog series, I talk about the importance of user experience during migration to Office 365. Microsoft offers many capabilities that ensure an optimal user experience such as Active Directory Federation Services (ADFS), Directory Sync and Exchange hybrid services. Additionally, I point out options for organizations with external messaging systems to […]

“Insufficient Privileges” Error Configuring ADFS 2.0 for Single Sign-on with Office 365

I ran into an issue recently that, although was a quick fix, there was not much information posted about it. The problem came during the configuration of AD FS for single sign-on with Office 365, when AD FS looks for the Program Data container to add the specific application and certificate information within Active Directory. […]

Creating Bulk AD User Accounts using PowerShell

I am sure most administrators have received a request to create several AD accounts due to acquisitions, mergers, or for other reasons. I had one of those requests which consisted of populating an AD environment that was to be used for Directory Synchronization with BPOS/Office 365. There are a lot of Bulk AD scripts out […]

Modifying Target Address in Quest NME for Exchange/BPOS/Office 365 Migration Testing

In preparing for a migration to Exchange, BPOS, or Office 365 testing is crucial. The advantage to using a third party tool such as Quest Notes Migrator for Exchange is the ability to easily modify certain attributes, such as the SMTP Target Address, for migration testing purposes. In this scenario, the object is to prepare […]

Considerations while you prepare to move from Microsoft Online BPOS to Office 365

As we get closer to the launch of Office 365, existing BPOS customers will need to start thinking about and preparing for Office 365.Office 365 comes with a significant amount of enhancements over BPOS.These enhancements will add great amount of value to the users and the company leveraging the new service.Some of the areas in […]

Communicating with a partnering company in Exchange Online while you are migrating to Exchange Online from Lotus Notes

Recently we ran in to an issue while preparing a Lotus Notes customer (let’s call them Company A) to migrate to Exchange Online.As we started to prepare the customer for the first directory sync, the customer had a requirement to start leveraging Microsoft Online and SharePoint Online.Since the customer signed up for standard licenses, we […]

Signing on to the Microsoft Online Services in both the US Datacenter and the EMEA Datacenter with the Microsoft Online Service Sign-In Client(SSO)

I recently tried setting up a SharePoint site for a client within the EMEA data center and noticed I could not logon to the Microsoft Online Service Sign-In Client (SSO.) I tested logging back in to one of my US datacenter accounts and logged in without a problem. After doing some research, it appears the […]

You can have your Cake and Eat it Too – Lower Travel Costs and Improve Collaboration

Many organizations today have multiple offices throughout the country and sometimes extend globally.Often times, these offices will have groups of individuals that collaborate with one another based on teams, departments, or even project areas.The demands of collaboration across distributed environments can be challenging and it’s not uncommon for organizations to fly people cross country or […]

Migrating 5000 mailboxes to BPOS over a weekend and still have pilots – an option to consider

Background Let me explain what this means first and set some criteria for a statement like this. In the majority of cases this would involve moving little to no data which is usually the recommended approach for such a large cutover (a.k.a. flash cutover). Coexistence between on-premise mail systems and BPOS can be problematic and […]

Outlook Profile Configuration without the MSOL Client

There are a few scenarios where you may want to use Outlook to access an Exchange Online mailbox but cannot use the Microsoft Online Services Sign-In client. This could be due to installation or operating requirements of the client (some OS versions are unsupported) or maybe users don’t have the required permissions to install software […]

To DirSync or not to DirSync

When setting up a new BPOS site for clients the first conversation I make sure to have is about their on-premises Active Directory solution. Most companies already have a domain even if they are currently using Notes or Groupwise for a messaging solution, I haven’t seen a fully native Novell operation where no Windows domain […]

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