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Oracle BI Apps and Cloud (Fusion) Apps Integration

In a previous post, I described how the Oracle BI Cloud Service (BICS) integrates with Oracle Cloud (Fusion) Apps.  For users of on premise Oracle BI, there are other methods of integrating with Fusion Apps.  The easiest of which is Oracle BI Applications 11g as it comes with prebuilt content, data warehouse and ODI ETL […]

How to Fix Oracle’s Database Function Issue in ODI Interfaces

We have noticed that in few interfaces, the NVL function is not working as expected when “_simple_view_merging” is set to be true in the Oracle source database. This problem is encountered if the column corresponding to the first function displays the correct results, but the columns corresponding to other functions return nothing. You can see […]

How to Create Gather Statistics Procedure in ODI

Gathering Statistics of a database schema before executing an ODI load plan will improve performance by helping the Optimizer to select optimal execution plan by referring to latest statistics, instead of stale statistics. We can gather statistics of Oracle database schema at a scheduled time of day using the DBMS_SCHEDULER and DBMS_AUTO_TASK_ADMIN packages, However, if […]

ODI Load Plan Success Email with Execution Log File Attached

This post explains the process to unload ODI session log information Ex:  Session name, run-time, number of records inserted etc. from SNP_SESSION table to a delimited file and attach it to a Load Plan success notification email. This attachment can be used to identify the Session’s which are running longer than usual and causing performance issues, […]

Steps to Execute Full Load in BIAPPS

In BIAPPS whenever a ODI package is executed it reads  W_ETL_LOAD_DATES table to verify if a record exists with that package name. If record found package is executed in incremental mode else Full load mode. In incremental mode package will update the last_executed_date of existing record in W_ETL_LOAD_DATES table and in Full load mode package will insert […]

Restarting ODI Server, ODI Agent in BIAPPS using Web Logic Server

This post will explain steps to Start and Stop ODI Server, ODI Agent in BIAPPS using Web Logic Server Admin Console. Log into WebLogic server http://<hostname>:7001/console Click on Environments on left side under Domain Strucuture