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Businessman Presenting New Project To Partners In The Office

How Strategists Can Help With PIM Implementations

Product information management (PIM) is a crucial aspect for those in the business of selling. It serves as a central hub for all relevant parties. Developing an efficient product management plan and recognizing the significance of outlining product use cases are crucial aspects for achieving success. The key is to create a comprehensive strategy. Collaborating […]

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Join us at Digital Commerce 360’s EnvisionB2B 2022

We are excited to announce that Karie Daudt, Director of Commerce Strategy, and Justin Racine, Director of Commerce Consulting, will speak at Digital Commerce 360’s EnvisionB2B in Chicago, Illinois. EnvisionB2B is an in-person conference that connects ecommerce experts and researchers to B2B professionals to help them build and maintain a digital B2B strategy that speaks to their […]

Perficient Commerce Leaders to Present at Digital Commerce 360: B2B Ecommerce Sales & Expansion

We’re excited for our very own, Justin Racine, Director of Commerce, and Karie Daudt, Director of Commerce Strategy, to present at Digital Commerce 360’s Fast-Tracking B2B Ecommerce Sales & Expansion, the second of three B2B events premiering on Thursday, August 12, 2021. This live-streamed session will present research from various thought leaders and commerce experts […]