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Roles of the B2B Buying Journey: Understanding the Buyer

Understanding the customer journey – and your internal team’s journey – is critical in B2B industries like manufacturing and distribution. The buyer is one of the most common personas in the digital commerce journey. His primary role is to purchase the products he is told to purchase or is responsible for. It’s not unusual to […]

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Essentials for Your Digital Strategy: Consumerization

Delivering seamless, consistent, and engaging experiences starts with a customer-centered digital strategy. This ongoing series explores the characteristics that make up a great digital strategy and how to deliver powerful brand moments that solidify customer loyalty and drive differentiation for your organization. As consumers, we appreciate how breakthroughs like smartphones, global positioning systems (GPS), genetic […]

2015 B2B Commerce: Buyer Self-Service

The days of talking to a B2B sales company, working with a call-center and flipping through a catalog are over. B2B buying behavior has drastically changed and are expecting the same customer experience they receive as B2C consumers.  B2B companies are seeing the need to rethink and transform their sales channels and models to incorporate […]