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Deploying VM Updates with Azure Update Management

The Azure Update Management solution can be used to manage updates and patches for virtual machines (VMs). Through Azure Update Management, you can manage available updates, schedule the installation of required updates, and review deployment results after installing updates. Prerequisites An Azure Automation account A virtual machine It should be linked with the same workspace […]

Azure VM – Boot Diagnostics v2

Earlier this month, Microsoft announced support for 2 new debugging features: Console Output and Screenshot support for Azure Virtual Machines v2. When bringing your own image to Azure or even booting one of the platform images, there can be many reasons why a Virtual Machine gets into a non-bootable state. These new features enable you […]

Azure VM – Announcing the GS Series

Earlier this month, Microsoft announced the GS Series for Azure VM. A variant of G-series, the GS-series, which combines the compute power of G-series with the performance of Premium Storage to create powerful VMs for your most storage and compute intensive applications. Powered by the Intel Xeon E5 v3 family processors, the GS-series can have up […]

Azure Backup – Announcing Backup for Azure IaaS VM’s

Last week Microsoft announced general availability of Azure IaaS virtual machine backup, previewed earlier this year. Why use Azure Backup? Azure IaaS VM backup provides application consistent backup for Windows operating systems and file system consistency for Linux operating systems without the need to shut down virtual machines, making it enterprise ready solution. Azure Backup […]