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Introduction to Microservices using Azure Service Fabric

Today’s Internet scale services are built using microservices. Example microservices are protocol gateways, user profiles, shopping carts, inventory processing, queues, caches, etc. Microservices can further be defined by: Is (logic + state) independently versioned, scaled, and deployed Has a unique name that can be resolved Interacts with other microservices over well-defined interfaces like REST Remains […]

Ignite 2015 – Introducing Azure Service Fabric

Service Fabric is a state-of-the-art distributed system that allows developers to easily build and manage Internet scale services. Translation¬†=¬†this is the underlying system that powers Azure services such as: Azure SQL, Bing Cortana, Intune, Skype for Business, Event Hubs, PowerBI, and many other core infrastructure in Azure. And Microsoft just released it to the public. […]