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How to Connect to a Sitecore-Managed Azure Search Index with Azure Search API

Creating a search context to perform your search queries should be easy right? With Sitecore’s Content Search API, it is as easy as passing in the literal name of the index as a parameter into a ContentSearchManager method. Connecting to a Sitecore-Managed Azure Search Index to perform queries using Azure Search API adds some complexity […]

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Azure Search API with Sitecore Tips and Tricks

Fuzzy search. Synonym matching. Escaping special characters in the user input. How does one provide a quality search component in Sitecore that allows for user text input? Your site’s users will come to expect your site’s search experience to be “Google-like”. The intent of this blog post is to consolidate various uses of the Azure […]

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Programmatically Creating Synonym Maps in Azure Search with Sitecore

When performing searches in your Sitecore site, users may not know the exact term they should be using to get quality search results. For example, a user on a healthcare site may search the term “heart” expecting search results related to terms like “cardiovascular” or “chest.” Even further, some search results may not even contain […]

Sitecore 8.2u1 Azure Resource Manager Templates

The Sitecore and Microsoft worlds have been abuzz lately with the latest iteration of Sitecore’s Experience Platform product – version 8.2 Update 1. The big feature update with Update 1 is full support for Azure Resource Manager support for the Sitecore platform. Deploying Sitecore on Azure has actually been available since version 6.3 with the Sitecore […]

Three Advantages of Cloud-Based Search Engines

Traditionally, enterprise search engines have been firmly planted on the ground. Now, along with almost everything else in enterprise IT, search engines are quickly moving into the sky. But why? What factors are prompting the growth of cloud-based search engines? Given the immense IT security (and mindset) challenges associated with indexing sensitive content in the cloud, why are […]

Introduction to Azure Search

Pull out your cell phone, go to any app, and chances are that app has a search box. The same is true of most websites. Our ability to find information in a cloud-first, mobile-first world is driven by search capabilities. Azure Search is a search-as-a-service solution that allows developers to incorporate great search experiences in applications without […]

Azure Search: Scoring Profiles

Introduction When a search query is submitted to the index, each document that is returned has a search score which is an indicator of its relevance in the current search query and context. The higher the score, the more relevant the item and therefore, the higher it is ranked on a scale of high to […]