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“Just In Time” User Migration Approach in Azure AD B2C

“Just In Time” User Migration This is a continuation of our B2C series on consolidating users identities into Azure B2C.  So far we have looked at the benefits on consolidating user accounts into Azure B2C and a brief overview of the Bulk Migration strategy for migrating users from an existing identity provider into Azure B2C. […]

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Bulk User Migration Approach in Azure AD B2C

With Azure AD B2C, you can migrate and consolidate users from other identity provider systems. In this blog, I’ll walk you through one approach for migrating user accounts: a Bulk Migration in one batch. Read More: Consolidating Users into One Identity Provider with Azure AD B2C Bulk migration can be done with little-to-no impact to […]

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Consolidating User Accounts in Azure AD B2C

In my past couple of articles (What is Azure B2C & Multi-Tenant Architectures with Azure B2C),  we talked about some of the basics of using the Azure Active Directory Business to Customer (Azure AD B2C) platform and about some common use cases. Continuing that thought, I have a three-part series to discuss one more common […]

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Implement Multi-Tenancy In Azure B2C

Overview In a previous article about Azure B2C, we discussed the basics of Azure B2C and why you may want to consider using it for your software or application.  Now, let’s take a look at some examples of the most common use cases. Implementing Multi-Tenant Applications with Azure B2C Multi-tenancy is an architecture pattern in […]

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What is Azure AD B2C?

Azure Active Directory Business-to-Consumer (commonly called Azure B2C) is an important business solution for systems that need to authenticate end users to a web/mobile application using a white-labeled experience. Azure AD B2C provides an easy identity system as a service with pay-as-you-go pricing options. Who uses Azure AD B2C? If you have a solution where […]