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Oracle EPM Automate Tool – Installation Procedure

About EPM Automate EPM Automate Utility enables Service Administrators to automate many repeatable tasks,  including the following: Import and export metadata, data, artifact and application snapshots, templates, and Data Management mappings Upload files into environments, list files, and delete files from the service Download snapshots, reports, and metadata and data files from the service Run business rules on data, and […]

Maximo Automation Scripting – Keep it Simple

Recently I was tasked with making one of 3 fields mandatory on a Maximo application. Doesn’t sound like rocket science, and in the past, my first thought would have been to work out a fun and complicated set of Conditional Expressions. Then I got to thinking, wouldn’t it be easier to just do an If-then […]

Don’t Be Down on the Asset Down Code

Have you ever used the Asset Down Code? I have been working with Maximo since 1999 [v4] and only recently have I had a client using the Asset Down Code. Seems simple enough, select a code from the domain list and click OK. It makes sense they want to see the Asset Down Code on […]