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Streamlining Web Table Manipulation with Selenium and Java Streams

In the field of web automation, Selenium is a standout tool for engaging with web applications. Efficient sorting and filtering of data are essential when working with web tables. This blog post delves into the utilization of Selenium in conjunction with Java streams to adeptly sort and filter web tables, presenting a streamlined method for […]

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Unlocking the Power of Java Streams: Simplifying Code with Efficiency

Overview of Java Streams Java introduced streams in version 8 to simplify and optimize code writing. A stream is a sequence of objects supporting various methods to achieve a desired result. Using streams can reduce a long set of codes to just a few lines. Streams enable performing operations such as filtering, mapping, reducing, and […]

Transforming Data with Loop and Vector

As promised, today I am sharing the fundamentals of using the LOOP and VECTOR in a SPSS Syntax script. LOOP LOOP is a common programming concept – it simply allows you to apply or execute the same script commands for an identified number of times without having to recode them.   VECTOR A VECTOR is […]