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Script For Generating Mailbox Test Data Over A Period Of Time

Just a quick but helpful script today for generating mailbox test data. While there are other scripts available that can send test emails to populate a mailbox, in some instances you need those emails to be spread out over a span of time. If you want to test out archiving, retention policies, OST caching or […]

Office 365 – Is the “Archive Mailbox” Still Relevant?

The practice of email “archiving” probably goes back as far as email itself. Over the years, the reason for archiving emails has changed and as the corresponding technologies have evolved, it brings into question whether this practice even needs to continue. Before enabling functionality that moves email data from it’s original location, it’s worth discussing […]

Office 365 – Understanding Archiving in Lync Online [Mac Edition]

In the recent article “Office 365 – Understanding Archiving in Lync Online“, I spent some time going through the differences between Conversation History and Archiving in Lync Online. While I’m not a Mac user, a commenter on that article asked about the behavior on a Mac. Certainly a valid question,after all, anyone that has used […]

Office 365 – Understanding Archiving in Lync Online

Understanding the archiving feature in Lync Online can be a bit confusing. Unlike an on-premises installation of Lync Server 2013, there is no option for storing archived data in SQL and thus the only option is integration with Microsoft Exchange. While having only one option might sound like this should be easier to understand, a […]