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iOS VoiceOver, Android TalkBack

VoiceOver Your TalkBack To Me: A Mobile Screen Reader Overview

Accessibility testing on Websites and apps with automated accessibility scanner tools are a great help but they only get you so far.  Screen Readers will bridge the gap in your accessibility goals to reach your user base spanning various impairments. Using Screen Readers Text-to-Speech Screen Reader technology (generally referred to as simply “Screen Readers”) can […]

How Do I Get Started with Mobile QA Automation?

How Do I Get Started with Mobile QA Automation?

In today’s rapidly evolving mobile landscape, ensuring the quality and reliability of mobile applications is paramount. As the number of mobile devices and platforms continues to grow, manual testing alone becomes increasingly challenging. This is where mobile QA automation steps in, offering a powerful solution to streamline testing processes, improve efficiency, and enhance overall product […]

Test Your iOS Apps in the Browser

Let’s face it – getting an Ad-Hoc build to a client of their super-cool-new-app-in-progress can often be time intensive and cumbersome. While the advent of wireless distribution certainly was a huge improvement over having your client download the .ipa file, import it into iTunes, and physically sync their device via USB to get the application […]