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How to Solve Common API Testing Challenges

Testing teams face several unique challenges when testing application programming interface (API) implementations. API testing is part of the integration testing process, facing compatibility and communications issues. In our work with customers, we implement custom solutions. However, there are some common challenges we run into as well. We list them here: Challenge #1: API Testing […]

3 Characteristics of Successful API Programs

The most successful modern enterprises are those who build thriving ecosystems of developers and partners. Whether it’s retailers, payment systems, or social networks, the prevalence of application programming interfaces (APIs) adds value to the platform and creates scalability that far outpace traditional and monolithic platforms. In the modern era, the question is no longer whether […]

12 Days of DevOps: 6 API Integrations

“On the sixth day of Christmas, my IT guy gave to me, 6 API integrations” Google’s acquisition of API platform company Apigee this year signaled the arrival of connectivity as a legitimate business strategy. The deal, valued at $625 million dollars, underscored just how important APIs have become as organizations look to foster ecosystems that […]