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API Testing : Test MultipartFile Upload using Java, Spring and Cucumber framework

It is easier to test MultipartFile upload service in POSTMAN just by selecting multiple files and sending the request. But to test using Java, we need to write multiple lines of code to invoke the request. In this blog, we will discuss about the Java function to invoke MultipartFile upload request and get the response. […]


Create a React app that shows PowerBI data using REST

Intro Many times a client wants some sort of customized view of the data they have in PowerBI. The truth is, as powerful as it is PowerBI, like all BI tools, offer limited customizability. However, PowerBI comes with a powerful RESTful interface that we can use to show the underlying data however we wish. This […]

BIG Data and APIs

It is no secret that Big Data is involved daily with social engagement, advertising, mobile applications, and business intelligence in today’s enterprise. As much data that an enterprise would like to receive from customers, even more data needs to be ingested from the cloud, commerce sites, transactions, social feeds, geo-locations and on. In between the […]