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Two programmers working on some coding together

Why Do You Need to Know Backend for Frontend (BFF) Pattern?

Our typical problem arises when we wish to incorporate an API into our mobile app. Consider the situation in which you need to create a mobile app for an existing system. The system was one monolithic solution that exposed an API that exclusively served the web client. The client’s proposal is not restricted to new mobile apps, […]

Two programmers working together with lines of code superimposed over them

How good is your AEM Security? – Denial of Service

Large scale data breaches and critical security vulnerabilities have companies thinking about security more than ever.  Many developers are familiar with the OWASP top 10 ( and there are already many resources on generic mitigation for these vulnerabilities.  Instead in this series, I cover security issues and mitigations specific to AEM.  Today’s topic is Denial […]