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Reaching Agreement

Proper Communication between Angular Components

Introduction A few months ago I had a solution that required me to call a method in a child component. I, not knowing how to do this properly, “hacked” a solution using Angular inputs and outputs. Although the solution technically worked, it never felt like it was the best solution to use. After communicating with […]

Decoding the UI Architecture

With the increasing advent in SOA and RESTful based applications, all the business logic today is being pushed to the client. With numerable paradigms being present for the UI to consumes these services and create dynamic content, there becomes a need to define the presentation, structure and behavior of the User Interface. While working with […]

Automated Acceptance Test with AngularJS, Jasmine and Protractor

Want to do automated acceptance test in AngularJS web app? This post introduces you to the basics of building Automated Acceptance Test with AngularJS, Jasmine and Protractor.