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Nearshore Software Development in Action: What Delivery Success Looks Like

The stakes to evolve your business and adapt to new realities have never been higher. How do you accelerate and scale your transformation cost-effectively? The answer – optimized global delivery. Follow this series and learn more about our nearshore software development capabilities from members of our global consulting team in Colombia. When coordinating software development […]

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How a Nearshore Development Partner Boosts Agile Transformation

The stakes have never been higher for your business to adapt and evolve. But how do you accelerate and scale your transformation cost-effectively? The answer – optimized global delivery. Follow this series and learn more about our nearshore software development capabilities from several members of our global consulting team in Colombia. In just over 20 years, Agile methodologies […] Resizeimage 7

Agile For Programmers: A Streamlined Guide to Meetings

Agile is a data-driven, streamlined project management process designed to minimize distractions while still providing multiple opportunities to check and adjust the course of development. If done correctly, it can allow for long-term project plans that are accurate and resilient to changes. Unfortunately, “Agile” is a trendy project management term that project managers and leadership […]

Agile & CMMi – And they lived together happily ever after!

Fairy tales have never lost their charm and they have always stayed close and strong in the hearts of people. I have made a maiden attempt to explain the compatibility of Agile and CMMi model as a fairy tale and this is how it goes: Once upon a time, there was a software town. The […]

But You’re Not a Developer: The Role of the Product Owner

So you’re part of the dev team and looking forward to getting some work done. You have your first planning meeting, and while you and the rest of the team are discussing the User Story and the tasks that need to be accomplished in order to deliver, a voice speaks out of the darkness and […]

How to Project Manage a Sales Cloud Rollout

  Whether you have invested in Sales Cloud because you are upgrading your current method of tracking sales or because you need to scale up from a non-cloud version of sales tracking, you want to make sure your project is a success. This drive for success will ensure better returns on investment, better future decision […]

Ignite 2015 – DevOps Strategy, Visual Studio Online Announcements

For my first session at Microsoft Ignite Conference 2015, I chose DevOps as a Strategy for Business Agility by Brian Harry, Microsoft Technical Fellow and he serves as the Product Unit Manager for Microsoft Team Foundation Server. I must say, it was a great choice. Brian kicked off this amazing session with only a few, very […]

The Architect Role in Offshore Development Projects

The Architect Role in Offshore Development Projects

“The best architectures, requirements, and designs emerge from self-organizing teams.” – One of the agile principles. Whenever I see an offshore delivery project where the architect is super busy on implementing/coding a particular feature and has little time to communicate with the development team, most likely the project is running into trouble… So, what should […]

Kindergarten Kanban

Or, All I Really Need to Know About Software Development I Learned in Kindergarten. A visual blog post on the software development lifecycle made up of an actual kanban wall in an actual project war room. 1. Analysis and Design                 2. Construction           […]

Van Halen, Brown M&Ms and Quality Control

I saw an interesting video today about attention to detail and quality control. In the video, David Lee Roth describes a tactic that the band Van Halen used to test for attention to detail and be warned of possible red flags in the preparation of large shows. In the video Roth explains that they used […]

The real life of a Scrum team – with photos

Recently while cleaning up my photo albums I found some interesting old pictures which were captured while I was leading a Scrum project. These white board pictures illustrate how we incrementally deliver from scratch. Looking at these pictures I really enjoy recollecting the days when I was working together with my team; days we spent […]

Getting useful information out from the CFD

    As I mentioned in the previous post, CFD (Cumulative Flow Diagram) is the chart we can use to monitor the ticket driven/maintenance project status, while CFD does not tell you exactly the status in a numeric way.  The metrics that are suggested to be used to measure the efficiency and the capacity are not that […]

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