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Qlik Makes Sense … the .Next Big Thing?

In my blog post about ‘Qlik Leadership’ – back in April – I pointed out how Qlik was going to reinvent itself and the BI market once again. A few months later Qlik Sense was released. Qlik Sense Desktop is a Windows-based desktop application, and I view it as Qlik’s first installment on the .Next […]

Qlik leadership – vision, guts and glory… hopefully

Qlik leadership – vision, guts and glory… hopefully

“It is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent that survives. It is the one that is most adaptable to change.” – Supposedly Darwin from ‘Origin of Species’… or NOT According to the most recent report from Gartner, no one vendor is fully addressing the critical space in the market […]


QlikView… QlikTech… Qlik…

Several years ago, when I started using QlikView (QlikTech’s flagship product), I had a strong preference for more traditional BI tools and platforms, mostly because I thought that QlikView was just a visualization tool. But after some first-hand experience with the tool, any bias I had was quickly dissipated and I’ve been a QlikView fan […]

Simple Inferential Statistics

 Simple Inferential Statistics “Inferential statistics” is a term used to describe the use of information regarding a sample of subjects to make: (1) Assumptions about the population at large and/or (2) Predictions about what might happen in the future   What’s your Batting Average? You can calculate the mean (or average) batting average of a […]

Agility in Analytics

Of the Conventional Analytics Mind   Using a conventional mindset, data ponds are identified and analyzed to build predictive models: Data ponds are identified for evaluation Data scientist performs detailed descriptive analysis Based upon the descriptive analysis a “outcome of interest” is established Using established guidelines a modeling technique is carefully chosen A predictive model […]