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Artificial Intelligence Digital Concept Abstract Brains Inside Light Bulb

AGI: What, When and Why

It is possible AGI will be the single most revolutionary step in human history. AGI, or Artificial General Intelligence, is a fundamental change in AI advancement. The first section covers what AGI is and contrasts it with traditional AI. The second section delves into timelines predicted for AGI’s emergence, and evidence for them. Finally, it […]

Harness your data with a data strategy

Artificial General Intelligence and A Human-Robot Partnership

The famous example that would be given about artificial general intelligence (AGI) is when a autonomous car has the rational ability to make a strong decision of what direction to take. Take an example of a car driving in a lane autonomously. It has to make 1 of 2 options in an accident prone path. […]

The Science of Artificial General Intelligence

I was just listening to an Audio Book titled “The Fourth Age: Smart Robots, Conscious Computers, and the Future of Humanity” and going through an interesting period of listening and comparing the Dualism Theory and Artificial General Intelligence. This is an interesting thought and wanted to share it with you expecting comments and thoughts. Let […]

Artificial General Intelligence can solve multidisciplinary problems

Moving from Narrow AI to Artificial General Intelligence

Microsoft’s investment of $1 billion in OpenAI to build Artificial General Intelligence (AGI) shows a market trend moving towards the next phase of AI. While this has economic benefits of scale, AGI is only possible if software and hardware work together in perfect harmony. In the last decade, the general AI community has been very […]