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Analyzing Financial Stats

Understanding the Dynamics: Microsoft Hosted Agents vs. Self-Hosted Agents in DevOps

DevOps has revolutionized the software development lifecycle, emphasizing collaboration, automation, and efficiency. In the realm of DevOps, the use of build and release pipelines is essential to streamline the process of delivering high-quality software. Two crucial components in this process are Microsoft Hosted Agents and Self-Hosted Agents. In this blog, we’ll delve into the dynamics […]

Case Study for a Partial View Model using the Ignition Framework

I was creating a component in Sitecore where the item structure was three tiered meaning that the component’s datasource, its children and grandchildren from its structure in the content tree would have to be accessed to properly populate the component.  An example of this structure is shown below where the component’s datasource is the top […]

Ignition Framework – Options Using the View Method Call

The Ignition framework contains an overridden version of the View() method which is used to not only call the view file which is to be rendered but also has a variety of options to support sophisticated logic associated with rendering the view.  The View() method full signature is defined as follows in Ignition. return View<TAgent, […]

Ignition Framework – How the View Path Can Be Set

Using the Ignition Framework, we have variety of methods in our disposal for setting the view path to find the view.  The methods of setting the view path which will be discussed in more detail will be… Inherit folder structure Within the View Model itself Using the View Agent Using Agent Parameters Inherit Folder Structure […]