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Today I Wrote a Song for Sales

Since I live in Massachusetts, I’m still working from my home office.  We typically celebrate big events with something fun. This morning, I wrote a song to commemorate a new client signing that went through.  People have been doing this from the dawn of time — think of odes like Beowulf or the Odyssey but […]

Our Atlanta – Dunwoody Office: A Great Space, Even Greater People

One of the unique things about agency and consulting work is that we often are part of a team that could be made up of members from offices all over the country (and sometimes even India and China). As we travel around – to job sites or other Perficient offices – it’s pretty common to […]

Our Milwaukee Office: Brewers Fans & Cheese-Themed Meeting Rooms

When you hear Wisconsin, you probably think of our sports teams (Go Pack Go!), cheeses, and miles upon miles of farmland. But nestled in the southeastern corner of the state is Milwaukee, known for Summerfest, Harley Davidson, MillerCoors, and fried cheese curds (if you haven’t tried one, you’re missing out on a true Wisconsin delicacy!). […]