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Top 9 Digital Advertisers In Financial Services

According to an April 2017 report from Kantar, a leading marketing research and media company, nine of the top 25 digital advertisers in 2016 were companies in the financial services industry, many of which have significantly increased spending within a one-year period. Here are the banks, insurers, and other financial services firms that are among […]

12 Key Findings From The US Financial Services Industry StatPack 2017

A new report released by eMarketer highlights the digital ad spending outlook and trends among financial services companies, including insurance, commercial banks, credit agencies, consumer finance companies, business credit institutions, and credit card agencies. It also includes companies engaged in the underwriting, purchase, sale or brokerage of securities and other financial contracts. The US Financial […]

Adobe Launches Advertising Cloud

Today Adobe announced their newest cloud product – Adobe Advertising Cloud – that promises to unify advertising efforts from non-digital to digital channels. Advertising Cloud is a combination of Adobe’s existing Media Optimizer and recently acquired TubeMogul. Main offerings of the Advertising Cloud include: Search management Automated ad buying Creative optimization Advertising cloud includes the following specific […]

Will We See More Advertising From Pharma On Facebook?

Bayer recently launched its first Facebook ad. The ad also happens to be the first time Facebook has allowed a company to put important safety information (ISI) in a scrolling format, something that pharmaceutical companies have long been able to do in banner ads. In addition, the social media giant is also enabling drug companies […]

How GSK Is Using IBM Watson To Create Brand Love

IBM World of Watson 2016 is taking place this week in Las Vegas and the agenda is jam-packed with an incredible number of great sessions. If you work in the life sciences space and your role requires the use of sophisticated IT, you’re probably already of aware of Watson and the potential it has to […]

How Jazz Uses Connected Health To Create Awareness And Demand

A recent conversation with a prospective client of ours prompted me to write this post. The client is looking at ways to improve the adoption rate of one of its products by a specific population because, for a variety of reasons, adoption by that segment has been slower than others. The solution to challenges like […]

Google Says No To Payday Loans

In an effort to protect consumers from “deceptive or harmful products,” Google will begin banning ads for payday loans and related products from its ad platform, as of July 13, 2016. According to the company’s U.K. blog, the ban is for loans in which the borrower is required to repay the full amount within 60 […]

Digital Channels Are Critical To Growth In Financial Services

My colleague, Mark Polly, wrote a post on Perficient’s digital transformation blog that highlighted the current state of digital marketing across various industries, including financial services. An infographic from, an Adobe-operated website that offers digital marketing insight for chief marketing officers and senior marketing executives, indicates that digital channels are increasingly influencing product sales […]

30 Examples Of “Going Digital” In Life Sciences

  In my tenure here at Perficient, I’ve contributed to a number of guides for the life sciences industry. Each one has been informative and useful, but I can’t remember ever being as excited about any of them as I am about the newest one: Life Sciences is Going Digital. 

FDA To Study The Effects Of Animation In Pharmaceutical TV Ads

  In “fun” news, the FDA wants to know if the use of animation in pharmaceutical advertising affects consumers’ general perception of drugs, as well as the side effects they can cause. According to a Notice posted on the Federal Register website, the FDA is looking to answer the following questions: 

The FDA Came Out With Its New Social Media Policy

  For several years, the FDA has been the center of scrutiny for not having an official social media policy available on its website. According to the Union of Concerned Scientists, the FDA was the only one of 17 government agencies not to have social media policy…until now. 

Sponsored Social is All Grown Up

Over the past few years, we have watched social advertising trying to find it’s feet. According to a recent study, social ads have moved out of the toddler phase and they are walking right onto the budget sheets of traditional advertising. 52 percent of companies now have a stand-alone Sponsored Social budget for their brand and […]

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