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#AdobeChat Recap: CX and Digital Transformation

There are certain things that are better together. Just like cookies taste better with a glass of milk, customer experiences are always better with digital transformation. During the most recent #AdobeChat, we discussed CX and digital transformation with special guest Brian Solis. Here are some of the highlights: What’s the problem with thinking CX and […]

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#AdobeChat Recap: Content Driven Experiential Commerce

Content is all around us. Consumers are flooded with it everywhere they turn. So how can we create personalized content that will stand out to consumers wherever they are? In the most recent #AdobeChat, we discussed how we can use content to drive experiential commerce. Check out these highlights: How has media consumption changed over […]

#AdobeChat Recap: Connecting With Your Audience

Once upon a time, marketers were ecstatic if they could meet their consumers and form a connection a fraction of the time. Today’s expectations are drastically different. The new standard is being able to consistently connect with your audience wherever they are. In the most recent #AdobeChat we discussed connecting, understanding and creating with your […]

#AdobeChat Recap: Modern Authenticity

True authenticity is hard to find in today’s society. Reality tv, fake news (what would we do without, and Photoshopped advertisements are everywhere. This lack of authenticity often causes people to be skeptical of almost everything they hear and read. Consumers are especially cautious when determining if a brand is genuine in its messaging. In this week’s […]

#AdobeChat Recap: Digital Marketing in Healthcare

Digital marketing has completely redefined how businesses reach their audience, and this is no less true for the healthcare industry. In their most recent #AdobeChat, Adobe discussed “Digital Marking in Healthcare” with special guest Daniel Klco of Perficient Digital. Here are some highlights from the discussion. How has digital transformed the healthcare landscape? The general […]

#AdobeChat: A Recap on Effective Optimization Programs

We all talk a lot about customer experience, and for good reason. The shift to digital has been a complete game-changer, and consumers have more options than ever before. Long gone are the days of pulling out a massive phone book to find a new primary care physician or travel agent for your next vacation, or […]