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Adobe Summit: Boost Engagement with Online Communities

Bertrand de Coatpont and Scott Date of Adobe about online communities.  This is communities within Experience Manager. Specifically, it’s version 6.1 which has completely redone Communities. There’s a thought that a community project is an overwhelming effort from a time and engineering perspective.   With that in mind, Adobe has made a lot of simplifications. […]

Adobe Summit: Travel and Hospitality Future

This is the first year where travel and hospitality is a core and strategic vertical. Stats: 50% of your customers start their travel journey with no brand in mind 100% of your customers expect a to be remembered by their airline or hotel This is about “marketing” beyond marketing. In other words, support the entire […]

Adobe Summit: Content Optimization and Personalization

Today at Adobe Summit, Urosh Pajic and Peter Krmpotic of Adobe spoke about best practices in content optimization with Adobe Experience Manager. Remember the time when it was enough to just put your content out there and gain customer attention? These times are long gone, and today’s customers expect personalized and relevant content across all […]

Adobe Summit 2nd Day Session: Michael Keaton

The theme is reinvention. Michael has reinvented himself many times. Starting with standup then on to comedy then on to more serious roles.  Then…….. he was Batman. A recap of today’s Adobe Summit interview: Question: Did you steer your career or did you go with the flow? I started something in college then dropped out. I […]

Adobe Summit 2nd Day Session: Nate Silver

My notes from an interview with Nate Silver, founder of, at Adobe Summit: Question: When did you say you could have a profession in number and stats? I don’t know when really but I took a boring consulting job right out of college.  In my spare time I started working on a program to […]

Adobe Summit: 2nd Day Session: Steve Young

Highlights from Adobe Summit’s Day 2 session with Steve Young and Collin Resch: Question: If you were still playing, would you throw to Richard Sherman? In college, everyone was open. In the pros, no one was open.  To me, I don’t care who is out there. If you are open, you are getting the football. […]

Adobe Summit: Opening Session Second Hour

Continuing on with Adobe’s opening session: Core Services build out the overall Marketing Cloud experience Profiles and audiences Key to the cloud.  A single profile that works across every solution Now it ingests CRM and enterprise data Collaboration Activation Powered by Dynamic Tag Management Most rapidly adopted digital service Adobe has ever seen.  0 to […]