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Adding a Color Picker to the AEM Content Fragment Model Editor

Recently, one of our clients looked to add a custom field in the Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) Content Fragment Model Editor. If you’re wondering what AEM Content Fragments are, check out Dan Klco’s post, as he does a great job explaining. Content Fragment Models are built with elements from various out-of-the-box data types, including single-line […] Resizeimage 1 Min (1)

AEM: Fixing RTE Source Edit Plugin Error While Submitting RTE Dialog

While working on Rich Text Editor on AEM 6.5, I found a bug related to source edit plugin. When the source edit plug is active in inline mode, it won’t let you submit the dialog. However, an error message also doesn’t get displayed properly, and the author will not be able to identify the reason […]

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Creating Your First Custom AEM Component Using React

Recently, I went through an article about integrating React JS and Angular JS with AEM. In this blog, I am going to show you how to create a custom component that includes a cq:dialog and one that does not include a cq:dialog. Before building the components, clone the repository, which is a sample project based […]

Prehistoric marketing in the Age of the Customer

Today I was reviewing a Forrester webinar replay, called “The Age of the Customer: Becoming Customer Obsessed”, and later in the afternoon I checked by physical mail box, and found a post card depicting beautiful swimming pools that I may wish to purchase from Reliant Pools. What struck me was the incongruence between this advertisement and […]

What is the pre-requisite skill set for learning Adobe CQ5?

I am asked by clients all the time….what pre-requisite skill set is required to learn CQ5?  The answer depends on the role. In the web experience management world, there are several roles to consider: WCM/WEM architect, J2EE Integration Specialist, and CQ5 developer. First the WCM/WEM Architect: You need someone who’s done it using other WCM […]

Going Mobile with Adobe CQ5

Adobe CQ5 has been getting a lot of great reviews by many analysts.  In the latest Forrester publication, CQ5 jumped into the leader wave.  I recently had a chance to look into the mobile support provided by CQ5 and I must say, Adobe has a compelling story for users and developers. In the following video, […]