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Cyberattacks in Financial Services - keyboard

Maximo Hover Dialogs – How to Modify Fields

As clients look to extend and refine the use of Maximo, one of the useful newer tools is the Maximo hover dialog information. They are not difficult to modify and can give you a quick way to view the items that are important to your business. To get started, we will first take a look […]

Upgrading to AEM 6.3: When runAllPreUpgradeTask() Fails

For upgrades to AEM 6.3, Adobe has provided a pre-upgrade task package to make the process easier on implementers. The main task is runAllPreUpgradeTask(), which takes care of executing Revision Cleanup, Version Purge, Workflow Purge, Audit Log Maintenance, and Generate Bundle List File. When I ran runAllPreUpgradeTask(), it started the process, but after a while, […]

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Creating a quick admin script to run within Sitecore

Not exactly the most glorious post for the first from our Sitecore blog, but nevertheless, the team asked for it so here it is. There are occasions where a developer needs to create some simple page to run “against” items contained within a Sitecore database.  This can be used to modify items in the content […]

Release Management for WebSphere Portal

Releasing your portal project to a brand new environment can be a fairly large challenge. I maintain the reason for the challenge is that there are so many tools and procedures required for this process. It is difficult to find somebody on your team that has deep administrative experience coupled with a development background so […]