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Emailing from Salesforce: You’ve Got Options

There’s a lot to gain from sending emails in Salesforce. By eliminating the swivel chair between Salesforce and an email client, reps are able to stay in Salesforce and more likely to manage correspondence and activities. This behavior leads to well-maintained contact information and an accurate understanding of the customer. Beyond the benefits for reps, […]

5 Highlights of Salesforce Summer ’18 Admin Preview Live

Salesforce’s “Summer ’18 Admin Preview Live” highlighted features guaranteed to deliver greater efficiencies to actionable information, cleaner reports, and insights into end-user skill sets. Among the highlights, here are… 5 Features from “Summer ’18 Admin Preview Live” Every Salesforce Admin Should Leverage Last Run Date on Reports Lists In Lightning Experience (LEX), the “Report Last […]

Victory! 5 Summer ’15 Community Features We’ve Been Waiting For!

With Summer ‘15 preview in sandboxes and the production release around the corner, it’s a great time to dive into some of the key features we’ve been waiting for! Let’s look at 5 new features that will make your system administration a little easier so you can kick back and enjoy summer. Match Production Licenses to Your Sandbox […]

3, 2, 1.. Flow! Salesforce Visual Workflow in 3 easy steps

Learn in 3 easy steps how you can automate and streamline your business process using Salesforce Visual Workflow. We believe one of the most underused and least understood gems is Salesforce Visual Workflow. Salesforce has recently made this feature easier than ever at guiding users through a step-by-step process of collecting and updating Salesforce data. We […]

Chatter Q & A: Solutions to common technical questions

Chatter is two years old now, and as more and more companies embrace it I am starting to get some common questions.  Here are some of the most common technical questions — and some answers that may help you out: When do I use Chatter Feed Tracking and when do I use Field History Tracking? […]

Chatter Best Practices: Keys To Writing a Chattetiquette Guide

Some of our clients have expressed concerns in implementing Chatter—not with the technology per se, but rather the processes and communication change it creates.  Some concerns are legitimate, some are just a result of change. Clients were concerned that implementing Chatter would create noise, unprofessional comments, and more. I am sure that when email first […]

5 Ways to Avoid Salesforce “Self-Implementationitis”

We work with a number of clients who’ve come to us after initially rolling out Salesforce on their own.  At first, things were fine, but growth, change, new process, new people, and multiple administrators over time have started putting pressure on their initial configuration.  Perhaps you’ve faced this exact dilemma. They come to us with […]

Cloud solutions adoption: a lot like soap box carts.

When it comes to cloud solutions, do any of these statements sound familiar? “Moving to the cloud is easy. All you need is connectivity and a credit card to get started.” “Moving to the cloud was easy, but now that it’s actually providing value to our company, IT and procurement want to control it. I’m […]

Chatter top 10 best practices

Are you looking to implement Chatter?  Have you implemented Chatter, but are having limited success? Well, this blog post may help you out. Here are the top 10 things to consider as you transition your company into a successful social enterprise using Chatter: 1.       Get managers and executives to start using it […]

Salesforce Best Practices: Portal Branding & Content Management

In a prior blog we talked about portal adoption strategies and suggested a combination of approaches that would improve adoption, including: Simplifying portal content Targeting compelling content to specific user tiers or geographies Reinforcing your brand by matching your portal with your corporate brand

How to decide between Salesforce clicks and code?

“Clicks — not code” is one of’s catchy phrases. It drives home the message that you can do a lot with to deliver rich functionality before resorting to custom development. But many people (from companies and implementation firms alike) are still unaware of when best to use custom development and when best to […]

Salesforce Best Practices: Where Permission Sets Shine

A few months ago, I read a blog on permission sets and how another consulting company (Arkus) had managed to do an implementation with just two profiles. That same company has now created a tool called The Permissioner to mass assign users a permission set, which I think is a great help to system administrators who, like Arkus, […]

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