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Daily Sales Tracking for Financial Analytics

Financial analysts are often looking for a daily tracker of their organization’s sales. Daily sales tracking requires bench-marking against budgets and forecasts. However, it is often the case that plans are defined at a higher level compared to actuals. In addition, while actuals are available from ERP, plans are maintained in a separate application for […]

Digital Transformation

Supplement Oracle EPM with Oracle Analytics and Autonomous Data Warehouse in 10 Weeks

Are you looking to supplement your Oracle EPM applications with enhanced analytics capabilities? At Perficient, we have successfully implemented analytics solutions that complement both on-premises Hyperion applications as well as Oracle EPM Cloud business processes: Planning and Budget Cloud Service, Financial Consolidation & Close Service, and Essbase Cloud. Our methodology requires minimal data movement leveraging […]

Post-Digital Transformation

See How Adding Oracle Analytics Can Elevate Your EPM Experience

The Oracle EPM suite provides best-in-class business process applications when it comes to activities such as financial planning, consolidation and period-end close. Organizations are often looking for ways to easily incorporate financial information, out of EPM applications, into consolidated reporting with other systems (such as ERP, Sales, HR, and others). Also, there is great value […]

Supporting the TOGAF-ADM using a SharePoint EA Portal Part 2

Throughout my career there have been a couple of quips that I have followed when presenting certain ideas; “Eat Your Own Dog Food” along with its close cousin Practicing What You Preach. In the first article of this series I promoted the idea that architecture is about collaboration and communication. I then laid out a […]

Supporting the TOGAF-ADM using a SharePoint EA Portal

After years of architectural engagements and having worked at a variety of companies there are a few things that I have found somewhat consistent when it comes to the practice of architecture. First architecture happens, regardless the maturity level of the organization. Secondly, at some point in the development life-cycle someone will produce some kind […]

Apply an OOAD approach to the TOAGF ADM

Describing a rich EA framework and process using a standard object oriented development approach. Recently I had had an interesting conversation with a solution architect around the TOGAF framework and the ADM. I was asked the following question: “Can you provide a short but reasonable description for tailoring the framework while instantiating the ADM as […]

A SOA Journey Using the TOGAF ADM – Part 2

In part 1 of this series I provided a ten thousand foot view of the project relative to the TOGAF ADM. In this post I’ll start with the proverbial peeling back of the onion. Using an integration project FYI Bank has made a strategic decision to address the challenge of their silos of IT systems […]

A SOA Journey Using the TOGAF ADM

In a recent blog posting, we provided a guide for standing up and XI52 as an integral component to an enterprise like laboratory environment. This was the beginning several activities, which spawned an idea for a continuing series of articles around IBM SOA appliances, and the use of the The Open Group Architecture Framework (TOGAF) […]