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Add List Building Functionality to Znode B2B Ecommerce Using AddThis

In my last two posts, I discussed how to: Quickly integrate the AddThis social media tool into the share buttons in a Znode B2B Ecommerce platform. Apply the AddThis social media tool for your Znode B2B Ecommerce Platform to add a link promotion to your Znode B2B Ecommerce platform, which allows you to show promotional […]

Share Content by Implementing the AddThis Social Media Tool to the Znode B2B Ecommerce Platform

In today’s global marketplace, social media is a powerful product-marketing tool. It can direct consumers to a new product or attractive deal, engage them, and build a sense of community. Relatively, social media and online shopping play a significant role in our lives. A comprehensive social media presence also includes direct sales through certain networks, […]